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About us


    Dycent is a manufacturer & supplier of high-quality biochemicals and reagents for Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, and Diagnostics.


    Founded in 2003, Dycent pioneered manufacturing of premixed pouched buffers, and developed the ultrapure BioTM fine biochemicals and reagents as an industry-standard. In the year of 2006, Dycent built large-scale production facilities at its Taichang base of China, the headquarters for bulk manufacturing of buffers and biochemicals. The company has continuously expanded plant and technical capabilities, adding large-scale process equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.
    Dycent's technical excellence is located in Zhang Jiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai, China, and includes a full range of analytical testing of more than 100 diverse biochemicals and materials. Furthermore, Dycent offers application testing for molecular biology, cell culture, clinical and diagnostic reagents. In addition to our analytical and applications testing, our custom services include stability studies, bacteriological testing, microbial limits testing and other evaluations to meet individual customer requirements. These activities contribute to Dycent's comprehensive approach to technical support for all products and services.


    Dycent supplies standard and custom products to our customers in the following industries:
    biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, research specialty chemicals, and related areas.


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