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  • Custom Manufacturing






    Standard Chemistry  Custom Formulation  Private Labels



    Custom reagents require experience and skill. Dycentbio has the expertise to develop, manufacture and package custom chemicals that meet all customer specifications and deadlines without custom prices




    Original Equipment Manufacture Coproduction


    Dycentbio works with many equipment manufacturers to supply the standards and ancillary chemicals usually sold with their instruments. This involves the use of custom packages designed in cooperation with O.E.M.s , including labeling or printing with the manufacturer's own logo and information.


    Custom Manufacturing of Kits


    Dycentbio manufactures a wide range of kits for various applications. These are custom made to customer specifications and often include a number of high purity chemical reagents as well as auxiliary equipment.


    Confidential Proprietary Formulations


    Many companies rely on Dycentbio for formulation and custom packaging on specialty solvents and reagents. Confidentiality agreements insure proprietary formulations.


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    The product lines we covered


               Fine Bulk Biochemicals


               Precast Gels and Buffers


               Molecular Biology Reagent


               Ell Culture Media

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